Sunday, February 24, 2008

To the love...

To the love of my life, I'm still trying to find the pieces to my life, holding on to the precious memories of you and us. You came into my life and only stayed for such a short period of time but you have impacted me so much. I loved you with all my heart, mind, and soul and I know that you did the same. There is no questioning that. You are my angel. If I had one more day with you I would tell you how much I miss you and how much you mean to me. I would wake you up early, go for breakfast together, you would make me laugh and I would say something corny and we would joke around endlessly. I would force you to do something active, you would not like the idea but go along with it because you loved me and that's what you did, to find out later that we would have such a great time. In return, we would watch sports on your big screen TV that you were so proud of and pig out on junk food. And as always I would never want this day to end...I know you are with your dad now, watching over us and protecting us. You will always be in our hearts. I love you.

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